The new Redkey R20 vacuum robot will be launched soon, with a base station equipped with a 10.1-inch screen

In recent years, vacuum robots have become one of the smart home appliances favored by consumers, playing an important role in home life. The vacuum robot is developing rapidly, constantly innovating, and has more and more functions. It has smarter functions such as sweeping and mopping, obstacle avoidance and self-cleaning. With the continuous expansion of the market and the continuous innovation of technology, users have new demands for sweeping robots.

The original intention of the vacuum robot is to free your hands, make cleaning easier, and enjoy a smarter cleaning experience. In fact, many users complained: „vacuum robots are getting smarter and smarter, and they all need APP operations. Although they are smart, they also cause a lot of trouble, which seems to defeat the original purpose of intelligence”.

The survey results show that the proportion of using the APP to operate the machine is less than 45%, the main reason is that using the APP to operate is cumbersome

According to various user surveys, „How to use the sweeping robot APP?” is one of the most frequently asked questions by users. In addition, the survey results also show that the APP networking process is complicated, and the pairing time is too long, and it may even take a day; Consumers are deeply troubled by problems such as the inability of the elderly to use the functions on the APP. It is difficult for users to enjoy an easy and smart cleaning experience.

Redkey builds the world’s first smart touch large-screen full-featured vacuum robot

Based on the troubles of users using APP, Redkey conducted in-depth research to create a truly convenient intelligent robot vacuum cleaner Redkey R20, which solves the pain point that users cannot leave the APP. The R20 vacuum robot embeds a 10.1-inch large screen in the base station, freeing users from the mobile APP, and operating all functions on the APP on the large screen. Including appointment cleaning, map editing, suction adjustment, mode switching (supplement), etc. to meet individual needs. Even more unexpected is that it can be used normally even if the network is disconnected

How does the R20 realize that it can be separated from the mobile app and directly use the smart screen to get everything done?

It is worth mentioning that the screen control has two options of non-network mode and network mode. In the offline mode, the user gives instructions to the built-in chip by manipulating the screen, and the chip will instruct the base station to send radio waves (local area network), so as to realize functions such as scheduled cleaning, recall of the sweeper, self-cleaning, and mop washing. In the networking mode, the user can directly control the robot with the screen. The screen can be completely separated from the app to realize all the functions on the app.

What experience will the smart screen bring to users?

For users, using the screen to control the robot vacuum cleaner to perform cleaning tasks does not require a mobile phone APP, which is not only easier to use, but also saves worry and effort. You can do it all without relying on your phone. And the pairing is simpler and more convenient, it only takes 3 seconds to complete the pairing automatically.

It is more friendly to the elderly who do not like to use smartphones without the need to control through the smartphone APP, and the operation of the smart screen is simpler, and it is easy to control all functions of the vacuum robot.

For young people, the 10.1-inch HD smart large screen is bigger and cooler than a mobile phone, more fun to use, and more convenient to operate.

The R20 screen control gives users more choices. If you want to use the APP to control the robot, after the base station is connected to the network, use the APP to directly scan the QR code to automatically connect.

In addition to large-screen intelligent control, other capabilities of the R20 are also excellent

The R20 is equipped with advanced LDS laser navigation technology, which not only has comprehensive and detailed cleaning path planning, but also has a breakthrough two-line laser and acoustic wave sensor, which is excellent in obstacle avoidance performance. During the cleaning process, the machine uses 4000Pa high suction force to wipe the ground with rotating mopping method. At the same time, the R20 will automatically backwash and lift the mop according to the settings to avoid secondary pollution. The all-round base station supports self-cleaning, self-dust collection, self-drying mop, automatically adding water to the vaccuum robot and electrolyzing water to sterilize, without manual intervention, freeing hands.

Redkey R20 is the world’s first high-definition smart touch large-screen full-featured vacuum and mopping robot, can be separated from the mobile app, which will be an important breakthrough in the field of vacuum robots. The operation is simpler and easier, and it is intelligent, which brings real ease to users instead of cumbersomeness.

The Redkey R20 robot vacuum cleaner will be officially released in July, which is worth looking forward to.